Are you experiencing health issues such as hormonal symptoms, digestive problems or immune-related illnesses?

You may be struggling with fatigue, bloating, migraines, insomnia or other symptoms that are affecting your daily life.

I use world-class laboratory tests to pinpoint the underlying causes of your health concerns and then guide you through a personalised nutrition program to alleviate the symptoms, so you can function at your best.

I was being offered various kinds of surgery for a problem that appears to have a totally different cause, but Amanda’s consultations and guidance have brought relief from regular and severe pain.  I now realise that a healthy diet is not only crucial to one’s well-being, but it can literally be life changing and I recommend Amanda’s help and guidance to everyone. The benefits have been immense.’

AdrenoCortex Stress Profile

If someone is unable to complete the DUTCH Plus hormone test (see above), the AdrenoCortex Stress Profile helps to evaluate adrenal imbalances...

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Organic Acids Test

The organic acids urine test is a valuable diagnostic tool for investigating underlying causes of a wide range of health issues, as it enables us...

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NutriSTAT test

The NutriSTAT test is a fully comprehensive nutritional analysis which measures over 240 important nutrient biomarkers, enabling us to identify...

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23andMe Conversion

Do you have a 23andMe profile but don’t know what to make of the results?  The data from your profile can be imported into the FitGenes software...

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Carb Choice

FitGenes has developed Carb Choice, a personalised genetic profile report based on your salivary amylase, AMY 1 gene, which determines how well...

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Methylation Profile

The methylation cycle is a biochemical pathway that manages or contributes to a wide range of biochemical functions including detoxification,...

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