Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

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Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is one of the most undiagnosed or misdiagnosed health problems.  TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is the medical gold standard for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid dysfunction. Unfortunately, TSH alone does not provide a complete picture and controversy remains over what is used as a ‘normal’ TSH reference range.  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks and destroys its own thyroid gland. It is a leading cause of hypothyroidism, yet mainstream thyroid tests rarely check thyroid antibodies.

A comprehensive thyroid profile, based on a blood sample shows:

Unbound levels of T4 and T3 – these reflect the active components of thyroid hormone. This hormone assessment can identify not only overt hyper-and hypothyroidism, but subtle sub-clinical manifestations of thyroid dysfunction.

Reverse T3 –  levels of which can increase when conversion of T4 to active T3 is impaired. Thyroid imbalances may arise from nutrient shortages, heavy metal exposure, adrenal stress, enzyme deficiencies, and other chronic illness.

Thyroid antibody levels – which help gauge autoimmune response and may reflect metabolic irregularities and hypothyroidism even when TSH and T4 levels appear normal. Thyroid antibody levels may rise in response to trauma, bacterial imbalance, inflammation, or progressive thyroid degeneration.

How to complete the Comprehensive Thyroid Profile test

Please avoid all supplements for 3 days prior to testing and complete it on a Monday only. You will need to have a blood sample taken at one of the Labtests sites listed in the test kit, for which there is an additional charge. There is no need to book an appointment, just turn up as normal and hand the phlebotomist the test kit, but you will need to allow time for the lab to centrifuge the samples and return them to you, ready for posting.

Please drop the samples at your nearest NZ Couriers depot, which you can find here  Please note that Post Shops will not accept NZ Couriers packages..