Wellness Programmes

Supporting the wellbeing of your staff and guiding them towards improved energy, focus and overall health.

Employee sick days, time off for doctor’s appointments, or extended leave for periods of significant illness, cost businesses a fortune.  Amanda Nutrition offers engaging and interactive presentations to inform and inspire your staff to live and eat optimally, with positive benefits for their mental and physical health. Bespoke healthy eating programmes or team wellbeing challenges can also be arranged.

Presentation topics include:

Eat Yourself Healthy: A Guide to Optimum Nutrition

Tired & Wired: Eating to Manage Stress & Energy Levels

Immune-Boosting Nutrition

The State of Your Plate: A History of Food & Disease Trends

Love Your Liver

Sleep SOS


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‘’I can highly recommend using a nutritionist to help people modify their eating habits to achieve highly successful results. Many of our employees followed the healthy eating plans and have reported weight loss, increased levels of energy, and significant improvements to their general health.  Amanda backed up the two programmes with a set of presentations which were informative and clearly explained and helped our employees to understand the basics behind the nutrition, and the importance of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Amanda is professional, friendly, approachable and a joy to work with!’’