FitGenes Health & Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report

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Genetic profiling offers unique insight into how your body responds to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. A FitGenes Health & Wellbeing genetic profile report is based on the science of nutrigenomics, which considers the interaction between your genes, nutrition and lifestyle and how these influence gene behaviour.  While we cannot change our genes, we can modify the way that they express themselves i.e. how they switch on and off and communicate with all cells of our body, to determine our health.

By linking our individual genetic signature with our family’s health history, our personal health history and current pathology testing (e.g. blood cholesterol, blood pressure, markers of inflammation, vitamin D), we can identify an individual’s predisposition towards certain health risks and make early interventions with regard to nutrition, lifestyle and exercise, before clinical symptoms start to appear.

The FitGenes genetic profile analyses a select range of genes that are key influencers of your general health, wellbeing and physical performance.  They have been carefully selected on the basis of solid supporting scientific evidence, which demonstrates ways that we can modify their expression.  As an accredited FitGenes practitioner, Amanda is able to interpret the results in conjunction with your personal health history and to offer practical advice on how to address any potential health issues, or to promote healthy ageing. A genetic profile is an invaluable tool in improving the gap between life expectancy and health expectancy i.e. rather than just living longer, aiming to extend your enjoyment of good health well into your later years of life.

The genes analysed are divided into the following categories:

Cell Defence – how your body protects cells and DNA from damage caused by oxidative stress

Inflammation – your body’s natural defence mechanism, which if uncontrolled, can be a key driver of almost all major diseases

Vitamin D receptors – present in all cells, these are a key influence on bone health, immunity, skin and the nervous system

Methylation and Homocysteine Metabolism – reflects the health of our cells and risk of chronic disease

Cardiovascular Health – the effectiveness of the system delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell

Fat and Cholesterol Management – influences healthy weight management, appetite control and satiety

The test requires a simple DNA sample taken in clinic, from a mouth swab.  You will receive a copy of your genetic profile with supporting information and Amanda will help you to interpret the results, to create a highly personalised health plan.