AdrenoCortex Profile

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If someone is unable to complete the DUTCH Plus hormone test (see above), the Adrenal Cortex Stress Profile helps to evaluate adrenal imbalances which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, impaired immune function, thyroid issues, irregular sleep patterns and blood sugar or blood pressure dysregulation.

It measures two adrenal hormones, cortisol and DHEAS, along with Secretory IgA, which forms an important part of the immune system. Samples are taken over a 12 hour period, which is more valuable than one-off samples for assessing hormones.

How to complete the AdrenoCortex Profile

Ask Amanda about how long to discontinue any supplements or medication before testing. On the day of collection (and preferably the day before as well), avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.  During the hour prior to collection of each sample, do not eat, brush or floss your teeth, or use mouthwash. Remove any lipstick.  You may drink a small amount of water during this time (no more than 250ml).

For the AdrenoCortex Stress Profile, you will need to collect 4 samples at 8am, midday, 4pm and 8pm.

Before beginning to collect saliva, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, as various substances can contaminate the saliva tubes and specimens.

To collect the sample, rinse your mouth with a little water, then spit it out and wait 5 minutes before beginning to collect saliva in the tube. During collection, do not cough, clear your throat or collect mucous from the back of your throat into the collection tube. Fill the tube to the top with saliva, avoiding foamy saliva or bubbles. Tap the tube with your fingernail or tap on a hard surface to reduce any bubbles.

Insufficient saliva sample cannot be processed.  If you are struggling to produce saliva, it can be helpful to smell or visualise something delicious, or gently chew the side of your tongue to stimulate your salivary glands! Please don’t use chewing gum.

Ensure that the lid is screwed on correctly and tightly to avoid leakage in transit. Repeat for all samples and label each of the tubes correctly with the time of collection, including am or pm. Place the tubes in the freezer as you collect them.

Please complete the test request form with your details (and Amanda’s if not already done). Unless otherwise discussed, please ensure that the box is ticked for AdrenoCortex Stress Profile EXTENSIVE (Code 1002). Enclose this form along with your samples, which should be placed into the padded white envelope and then into the courier envelope.

Keep the samples in the freezer until ready for courier collection. Samples can be sent on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. These samples are sent via Courier Post, so you can either arrange for a pre-paid pick up from your home or work address, or drop the envelope at a Post Shop. It is an idea to keep a record of the tracking number.