Salted macadamia ‘fudge’

Guaranteed to satifsy any sweet cravings, but will power is required to ensure portion control!


About this Recipe

By: Amanda

Served straight from the freezer, this rich and creamy,  fudge-like treat should be cut into small portions and enjoyed as an occasional indulgence.

Makes around 25 small squares


Step by Step Instructions

  • 1 cup unsalted macadamia nuts
  • 1 cup dates
  • 1 tsp Himalayan salt
  • 1 tsp almond milk
Step 1

Line a 22cm square cake tin with greaseproof baking paper.

Step 2

Combine all ingredients in a powerful food processor and whizz until smooth.  Tip into the prepared tin and press down firmly, smoothing the surface of the fudge.  Note that it is normal for the oil to separate and you might want to drain some of this after pressing the fudge into the tin.

Step 3

Freeze for 12 hours, or until solid, then remove from the tin, cut into 4cm squares and place back in the freezer. Serve straight from the freezer.


Macadamia nuts are high in healthy fats and relatively lower in carbs than other nuts, but still need to be consumed in moderation.

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