”I want to say a big thank you to an amazing lady called Amanda Cleghorn who is an incredible nutritionist. It is like she has given me my life back and I have reclaimed myself again. Before seeing Amanda it was like I was not running on all cylinders even though I thought I was eating a healthy diet. I was constantly feeling run down and tired and fighting on continual sore throats. Your health is your biggest wealth and this amazing lady has truly helped me and I cannot thank her enough!

I truly mean this Amanda, before seeing you I lived on BOOST fighting off sore throats living in fear I would get sick all the time. It was like it was normal for me to live like this.

I am starting to feel more and more normal it is amazing.  You have changed my life….. and I mean it.”


”10/10 STARS:  Amanda Cleghorn is an incredibly talented nutritionist, gifted not only with solid competence but also with fine intuition, which enables her to help hundreds of people to pursue a very satisfactory and fulfilling life.   Despite my scientific background,  she blew me away with her understanding of connections between symptoms, conditions and diet.  Amanda was the first to identify the condition she believed I suffered and recommended a series of analysis to investigate.  The test results corroborated her diagnosis and she designed an eating plan and prescribed supplements to support my recovery.  The beauty of her style is that she did listen to my requests: “I cannot cook 3 different  meals a day: I cook on Sunday and that is dinner until Wednesday: I need quick and easy recipes made of few ingredients that are suitable for me and my kids and ideally will last at least 2 days.”  Amanda ordered the supplements for me and got them delivered directly at my doorstep; she reviewed the analysis results, guided me through further requests for my GP, provided tips on the type of exercise I should practice, insisted on me embracing relaxation rituals; she taught me not only what, but also when and how to eat.  Amanda supported me in every way and made a huge positive difference in my life.  My work and family demands have not decreased but through Amanda’s advice I have succeeded to improve the way I tackle them and I am much healthier and happier. Thanks Amanda.”

Dr Alessandra Morelli Reulet

”I was being offered various kinds of surgery for a problem that appears to have a totally different cause, but Amanda’s consultations and guidance have brought relief from regular and severe pain.  I now realise that a healthy diet is not only crucial to one’s well-being, but it can literally be life changing and I recommend Amanda’s help and guidance to everyone. The benefits have been immense.’’


“I was suffering from some acute stomach problems, and had been seeing a doctor for over a year. When he finally suggested surgery, I turned to a nutritionist, and I’m ecstatic to say that Amanda has done wonders in the time I’ve spent with her. Amanda is exceptional at what she does. I have found her to be very friendly, professional, caring and knowledgeable, and after just a few short months, I am well on my way to recovery!”


“Amanda is an adept professional who investigates all relevant aspects of lifestyle in order to provide a thorough analysis and thus recommend the most appropriate natural dietary course to support the healing process. The approach opened my eyes in identifying symptoms that you would otherwise think of as part of the norm of your daily life, but actually are often far from it.  My change of diet and new understanding of the relationship between diet and health has made a significant improvement to my life”


“It is not an easy decision to disclose personal information to a stranger but I was made to feel comfortable and at ease, allowing me to address the issues that were really affecting me. Amanda gave me solutions and methods to ease my symptoms which worked well with my lifestyle and routine. Having sought her advice I feel confident and in control of my symptoms. I was dealt with in a professional and caring manner. I would not hesitate to seek Amanda’s advice in the future.”


”I couldn’t be more grateful for all the help you have given me.  I have found talking to you very easy and you have made everything very clear.  I thank you for that”.


“The key objectives were to combat acid reflux with the help of better dietary intake and approved supplements, whilst significantly reducing, almost eliminating, dependence on prescription medication; secondly, to reduce and manage my weight.  The content and clarity of the consultations with Amanda have given me a better understanding of my health issues, primarily linked to digestive problems, and provided the basis for greatly improving my condition.”


“Amanda has provided  two seasonal 6-week healthy eating programmes for our employees to follow which are designed to help employees to achieve good nutritional balance and aid weight loss. Having followed both of the plans myself, I can highly recommend using a nutritionist to help people modify their eating habits to achieve highly successful results. Many of our employees followed the healthy eating plans and have reported weight loss, increased levels of energy, and significant improvements to their general health.  Amanda backed up the two programmes with a set of presentations which were informative and clearly explained and helped our employees to understand the basics behind the nutrition, and the importance of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Amanda is professional, friendly, approachable and a joy to work with.”

Cathy | Proctor & Gamble UK